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Last Modified:03/25/2023
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Dog (quadruped) front leg setup (anatomy)

Submitted by: kaspar kaspar kaspar kaspar
Hi everyone, 
I have a question regarding a realistic leg setup wit RRM.
On the front legs, dogs have an additional knee joint, like on the back legs (see image, with dog skeleton). But it works different than on the back legs, so I can not really use RRM " Two Knee Joints" option for this situation.
Or at least I haven't figured out by know what option I would need to tick in order to achiev what I want. 
i.e. when I move the IK handle on a two knee joints setup, it breaks the joint on the front legs (see image)
From my observation, dogs can only bend this joint backward, not forwards. And yes, they actually do bend this part, even in a simple walkcycle, so from my point of view, when doing a truly realistic, posaeable dog it is not an option to just ignore this.
Any ideas are welcome. 
@Dustin, or anyone else: if you know that this is a current limitation of RRM, please tell me, so that I know that I have to look elsewhere for a truly realistic setup.
Thanks a lot !

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  • kaspar kaspar

    kaspar kaspar said about 5 years ago:

    Hmm...sorry for all the double images. First I didn't see the images when I I did it a couple of times and they appeared after I posted. Seems I can't edit my post ...
    It looks, that maybe I was wrong anyway. Checked my anatomy book again....dogs can bend this limb in both ways. 
    It just seems, that by default, I will have to do a lot of counter animating on this control...which of course is nice, when you don't have to do it. 
    It's just when I lift up the foot, with the IK Control, I would not expect to get the bend, especially not in the direction shown above. But yea, it's just a matter of counter animating the knee control, and everything should be ok. 
    Still, if anybody knows of a better way...I'm all ears.
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    Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said about 5 years ago:

    Hello Kaspar,
    If you want to be able to pivot the foot from a different location, you can use the FootPivotCtrl. This is a moveable pivot. What you could do is use the FootCtrl for the translation, and use the FootPivotCtrl to handle the rotation.
    1. Set LowerLegIk_Ctrl.autoOrient to 0
    2. Set FootIk_Ctrl.footPivot_CtrlVis to "on" so you can see that control
    3. The FootPivot_Ctrl will now show up. It looks like a 3d cross. Snap the FootPivot_Ctrl to the LowerLegIk_Ctrl
    4. Animate the translate of FootIk_Ctrl and the rotate of FootPivot_Ctrl

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