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Last Modified:05/17/2020
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gimbal on IK controllers, arms and legs problem

Submitted by: ziggie ziggie
Hi Dustin
so, back to my bipedal character i'm currently using for testing. I've noticed one really strange thing with IK's on both arms and legs. When I animate arms in IK system i usually get a insane ammount of gimbal locks on almost every key I set. I'm starting to think that this maybe has something to do with the first step in rig setup, when script asks me If I want my joint frozen or if I want to leave rotations as they are ? ( I could be off on this one, probably am ) 
can you explain why gimbals happen on IK and if I'm maybe doing something wrong, i'd like to fix that asap, it's killing me :( 
many thx man, all best

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