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How to do positioning and scaling joint?

Submitted by: aleksfarrier aleksfarrier
I studied your video about work with human rig. I could not understand how to make positioning of joints inside of model precisely? I didn't understand what control I have use to set every joint in proper position? And how to scale joints in proper way? I tried to do it just by dragging arrows but found it very inconvenient. Please explain how it was intended to do positioning and scaling joint to set ones in proper position in my model. Maybe you have some detailed video or tutorial?

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  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 5 years ago:

    It can be a bit tedious to position the proxy rig, there is not much to it other than translating, rotating and scaling. It's not too much different than Maya's joints. There ar some drawbacks to using this system, however this proxy rig method ensures that the final rig is built with proper joint and controller orientations. For example the arrows on the knees and elbows show you exactly how those joints will bend in the final rig.
    In my demo reel (which is a few years old), I demonstrate how the rig is set up on a biped and a quadruped. It's sped up and edited though:
  • aleksfarrier

    aleksfarrier said over 5 years ago:

    Thanks for answer. Is it possible to prepare some kind of tutorial like pdf file with description of the all controls and and their purposes? It's difficult to understand the meaning of every control and  as a consequence your actions in video for me because English is second language for me. But you're speaking very quickly there and the buttons hard to see on video. Can you help with that? 
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    Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 5 years ago:

    Documenting every control and attribute is a huge amount of work, and requires constant updating. There are hundreds of controls and attributes. Some are simple concepts, some ar a bit more complex. Describing the functionality of each control and each attribute through written documentation would be extremely time consuming, and it is much more difficult than showing it in a video. Also, a written explanation is more difficult to comprehend than seeing it in a video,
    Every year or two I go back and create new videos showing the latest features. In the next set, I will see about makging the screen resolution lower so the buttons and text are bigger. However, I will probably speak at more or less the same pace, because the videos get really long and dry. With the vidoes though, you can back it up and listen to it again.

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