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Last Modified:05/17/2020
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Modular rigging dups entire rig each time.

Submitted by: dmk5150 dmk5150
Hey Dustin,
I'm running into an issue where each time I go to generate a modular rig, the ENTIRE rig is generated again as a second rig on top of the first rig. For instance:
1) I create my spine proxies, naming them "spine" and adjust them as necessary.
2) Go to the Generate Rig Tab and in 3.1 I check on "Add Custom Prefix Name to your Rig. Name it something simple like "dg" and generate the modular rig–works perfectly.
3) Go back to the Setup Proxies tab and in the Arm Options section I then create 2 toon arm proxies, as a pair, with 2 lower twist joints, naming them "arm".
4) I adjust the left arm to my liking, then use the Step 2.6 Pose Proxy Rig mirroring tool to mirror my right arm to my adjusted left arm.
5) Then I go back to the Generate Rig tab, and using the SAME rig name of "dg" (which is still in the text field at this point) and click on the Generate Modular Rig button a sceond time to generate the arm rigs. I get the error, "A Rig already exists with that name. You must create a unique name."
6) So I change the rig name to something different becuase I think it's the only option I have at this point. Once I do, an entirely new rig is created that INCLUDES new spine controls which were already created in the first rig. I now have two rigs in my scene.
Below is a gDrive link to two gifs showing my issue.
They were done in the same file. The only difference is I scaled up the spine controls, and also adjusted the arms positoning in between the two gifs.
So what am I doing wrong? 

Replies to this question:

  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 3 years ago:

    This works as intended. You have two rigs because you generated two rigs.
    More than one rig can be built per scene. When you generate a rig from your proxies, it will build a new one each time, which is why you have to give it a new name each time.
    If you want to modify an existing one, you can either:
    1. Select a control of the existing rig you want to rebuild, and click "Rebuild Rig", or
    2. Delete the old control rig using the "Delete Rig" under the "Generate Rig" tab, and then build a new from scratch.

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