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Squash and stretch?

Submitted by: amanimator amanimator
Isn't there any squash and stretch built into the RR-modules? I see theres an attribute named Volume on the spine module, but so far as i can see it doesn't do anything? I'm using Maya 2013x64 on OSX.

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    amanimator said over 6 years ago:

    Thanks Dustin! I hooked up volume preservation through nodes myself, but I'll test that new version this week and do a screen capture if I still have issues.
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    Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 6 years ago:

    The rotation you are seeing on the joints is exactly why scale doesn't work properly in single hierarchies. It's usually best to only use translates and leave scale disconnected. I uploaded v 2.0.5 which fixes some of the issues with the X twist on splines. There is volume preservation on the splines. It is enabled by default so you should be seeing the volume decrease as the spline gets longer and vice versa. If you wish to turn it off, the attribute is on the TopIk_Ctrl and it's called "Auto Volume". Try the latest version, if you are still having issues please send me a rig or a video that explains exactly what you are running into. That will make it easier to diagnose the problems. -Dustin
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    amanimator said over 6 years ago:

    I am aware of the issues scaling can cause in games, so it's great that you've seperated this out! However this doesn't seem to work correctly when I test it out. Scaling causes rotation of joints, and "squashing" a spline together causes the bones to flip. I can create a video to show this if you'd like, but to reproduce just simply create a Spine proxy -> Skeleton with single hiearchy -> Select skinning joints -> Connect scale to selected single hierachy joints. If I create a joint chain without single hiearchy the scaling on joints looks fine. (on same test case - simple spine, also tested biped template) *EDIT* I did some further testing, and it seems to work with spline in default position with Y-Axis twist (I had selected X-axis twist before). However if I rotate the spline 90 degrees and use Y-axis twist (building an animal creature) there is also issues with connecting the scale - it does not give the same volume preservation results as a regular 0 degree Ribbon Spline. *EDIT3* Creating a Spline proxy, with Y-axis twist and connecting scale to single hiearchy results in zero volume preservation, ie: if I link the Z scale it will be the same for all bones when squashed/stretched. This is also the same case for a regular spline without single hiearchy. Is there not supposed to be any volume preservation on the Spline module/proxy? Regards - Atle
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    Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 6 years ago:

    If you are using the single hierarchy joints, the scales are not connected by default, because they can cause sheering. Also, some game engines do not support scale. And the ones that do may not be able to use segment scale compensation. There are a lot of variables that can have undesirable effects on the scaling of joints when in engine. This is why it is not enabled by default on the Single Hierarchy Joints. If you are not using a game engine, there is no need to use the single hierarchy. If you are, then you can connect the scales from the normal joints to the single hierarchy joints. To do this should be pretty straight forward. Choose which axes you wish to connect (x/y/z, all are enabled in the UI by default), then do what the button says: "Connect Scale of Selected Single Hierarchy Joints". In other words, select the joints from your single hierarchy joints that you want to have the scale values be applied. If it's just the spine single hierarchy joints, select only those. If it's the arms, select those. If it's everything, press the "Select Skinning Joints" from the "Generate Rig" tab. Once you have the joints selected, press the button and the scales of those joints will now be driven. -Dustin

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