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Last Modified:05/17/2020
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thumbs break with fk/ik switch

Submitted by: rjmercier rjmercier

The position of my thumb seems to flip when I switch between ik/fk mode, immediately after rig build.
In fk mode the thumb is in the rest position and works as expected, when switching to ik mode the thumb pops
to a new location and the thumb joint controls seem to rotate 90 in Y.  The other fingers work properly.  I have a
similar problem with the tail as well. 

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    Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 7 years ago:

    Hi, I just submitted an update. Version 1.5.7, which should hopefully fix the flipping issues you are seeing. Can you test it out and let me know how it goes? Thanks! -Dustin

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