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"Rapid Rig: Poser" for Maya 2.0.9 for Maya (maya script)

A UI designed to enhance the animation pipeline of the "Rapid Rig: Advanced"

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Last Modified:11/20/2017
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Wrong animation curves after mirroring

Submitted bykaspar kaspar kaspar kaspar
Hi Dustin,

thanks again for your fantastic script. Rapid Poser could be such a timesaver, especially with its mirror and batch mirror capabilities.

Right now i'm still testing and if found this with Win7 x64 Maya 2013 SP2 RRA 2.2.3 and RRPoser 2.0.6:

I'm working on a more complex character (with referencing,character sets and stuff), but I can reproduce the error with the above scripts and just your basic character and nothing fancy involved.

1. Use RRA to create standard proxies, create character  with rapid mesh and toon, no single hierarchy joints.
2. Select rClavicleC and translate it way in front of the character and a little bit up. Select lClavicle and translate it way in the back of the character and a little bit down.
3. Use RRPoser to SelectAll. Use "s" on the keyboard to set a keyframe for all selected controls on frame 1.
4. Still, with everything selected, copy frame 1 in with right click in the timeslider. Move to frame 2 and paste the keyframes.
5. Use RRPoser with checked AllControlls and Mirror on frame 2.
6. Result should look like a correct mirror.
7. Now, if you move the timeslider -> the lClavicleC and rClavicleC jump to a new position which is not a correct mirror anymore.

It's not just lClavicleC and rClavicleC that show this problem. I definitely saw it also on the HipFKC.
Everything looks fine at first. As soon as I move the timeslider some controls get inverted (or just the old?) translation values, rotation seems to be fine.

Before I move the timeslider everything looks fine in the channel Box. The values are correctly mirrored. If I look at the graph editor, the animation curve is in the right place, but the actual key for the frame has already the wrong value. So it is clear, as soon as I move the timeslider, the animation curve probably just gets updated to wherever the key is.

There is a workaround: after the mirroring, if I use SelectAll from your script and just hit "s" on the keyboard to create a keyframe on everything at this frame the problem is gone. This is fine for single frame mirroring, but it does obviously not work for batch mirroring. So right now I can't realy use the batch mirroring function.

I hope you're not stressed by bugs and requests. I can imagine it's quite a lot of work to keep all your scripts working with a lot of maya versions.
This is certainly not to big of an issue, although I bought Poser just because of this functionality. I just thought I let you know, that there is something wrong with this, and maybe you find the time to fix it.

Thank you !

Best regards

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