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regionRender 0.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

render using maya render window

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Last Modified:11/26/2014
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Use this tool for render using maya render window or batch through command prompt:

1. Set the project.
2. Define the frames through start and end frames or selected frames and ranges
3. Use only the integer values for selected frames as: 1,2,6,10-13,15,20-30,32.........etc.
4. Define the partial Region or Whole region for region render purpose.
5. Output format of the image is to be defined in the renderGlobals.
6. Its good to give the "Renderpath" and "FileName" before clicking the Region render. It won't work during CMD/Batch render
7. "Cmd_BatchRenderOption" will enable the "BatFilePath" and "BatchRender" bottom Where the *.*bat file can be defined and will
create the file only when u go for Batch render.
8. Don't forget to save your scene before batch render.
9. Reverse render Can be done in both render type.