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Remove Pasted from naming 0.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

this script remove all the pasted from maya

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Last Modified:10/04/2016
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pasted, outliner

Hello Everyone,

While creating a scene, we often copy old stuff and paste it into a new file. But in  the process we unknowingly create a pasted prefix for the object.  (If you'd look for the object name in your outliner, it shows pasted_object name). Now how do you remove that pasted for every copied file?

Well I have created a script for just that. So you don't need to worry about all the pasted and pasted.....................

for cleaning that there are many options you can try

  • Search and replace options {Loss point "it won't rename your shader"}
  • Script which I'll Give to you {It renames all nodes which are connected to that group/mesh} 

    follow the simple steps

    • open the script editor in MEL, paste this script 


    string $pasted[] = `ls "pasted__*"`;

    string $object;

    for ( $object in $pasted )


    string $elements[];

    // The values returned by ls may be full or partial dag

    // paths - when renaming we only want the actual

    // object name so strip off the leading dag path.


    tokenize( $object, "|", $elements );

    string $stripped = $elements[ `size $elements` - 1 ];


    // Remove the 'pasted__' suffix from the name


    $stripped = `substitute "pasted__" $stripped ""`;


    // When renaming a transform its shape will automatically be

    // be renamed as well. Use catchQuiet here to ignore errors

    // when trying to rename the child shape a second time.


    catchQuiet(`evalEcho("rename " + $object + " " + $stripped)`);


    • create the shortcut to shelf name it something like (Remove Pasted)
    • Select the main group of mesh
    • go to select, hierarchy and hit the shortcut we created just Pasted
    • its done now.

    please drop down comment if you like it or you need any help drop me email on

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