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Render Tools 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

This script was designed to simplify the making and manipulation of the renders layers, it only works with Mental ray as render engine.

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  • 2011

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Last Modified:05/11/2011
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  • zachdutoit

    zachdutoit said over 11 years ago:

    Is it possible to recompile it for maya 2012-2013?
  • R_F_Casetta

    R_F_Casetta said about 13 years ago:

    It´s a great script Piko! Vamo la Acade!
  • Xukca

    Xukca said about 13 years ago:

    Im sorry, but either I miss something, or this script cant be loaded?? Which command do u use to call it? I tried exploring the code, but my maya has a big problem with "menuLoco" ->// Error: Too many children in layout: menuLoco // I'd like to resolve this issue, thanks :) p.s. oh, well, seems its written to work on maya2011, doesnt load on maya2010 or below
  • ekenryd

    ekenryd said about 13 years ago:

    If this works as expected, then I love you. However, as I´m fairly new to maya, I´m not sure I understand what the above comment means with corrupt scenes, what are referenced objects? Like instances?
  • f3rry

    f3rry said about 13 years ago:

    Hi, I really like this script. I have been doing it through my own script without UI :) Just to comment, object-shader-assignment in renderLayer can easily lead into corrupt scene especially when you have a referenced objects. I normally do an override on the shadingEngine to plug a new shader on a newly created renderLayer. Thank you Ft

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