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RenderBatcher v2 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

u can make a lot of batch file more easy

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Last Modified:11/26/2005
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I share my melsculpt tools "RenderBatcher v2". This tool is help u to make a lot of

batch file more easy! In version 2 , have 3 new function in follow:

- <<Divide Batch File>> this function can divide render frame to few batch file
for example : aaa.mb - render frame is 1-100
divide batch file slider is 4
RenderBatch v2 will create 4 file
1) aaa_1.bat - render frame 1-25
2) aaa_2.bat - render frame 26-50
3) aaa_3.bat - render frame 51-75
4) aaa_4.bat - render frame 76-100

- <<Merge Batch File>> this function can make few batch cmdline combine to one batch file
try this will know more

- <<Multi-RenderLayer>> this can speciful to chioce renderlayer in maya scenes which to
make batch file and more download to try , please!! i hope can help ur ! : )

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