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RenderLayers To Files 1.2.0 for Maya (maya script)

Save and Backup RenderLayers as Individual Files

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Last Modified:08/01/2014
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Script to Save RenderLayers for Archiving or Submission to RenderFarm.


1. Copy to Script Folder that is sourced on startup or Source "rcLayers2Files.mel"

2. Type rcLayers2Files;

When multiple layers of a scene need to be rendered, I find it is easier to save a separate file for each renderlayer that you wish to render and submit those files to render.

This handy script will create an .mb for each turned on Renderlayer individually into a separate specified location. Then you are not working on the file that is used to render.

If each of these renderlayers where individually saved to seperate files to render, troubleshooting renders that have problems or layers that have changed would be easier since you immediately know which renderlayer is causing the problem.

In addition the Backup Function Copies Specified Folder Files into a SubFolder with Today's Date.

Never loose track of the files that you used to RENDER 


Shot Folder -- Contain the location of the "Project/scenes/SHOTFOLDER" and will put the Exported Files in a sub RENDER folder of that Folder.

Absolute Render Folder ------will contain the actual location anywhere where you want to save the files  

Single File--------- will export All On Layers to one file with the name in the textbox.
Prefix--------- wil add the prefix to every exported File.

Note---- Saved with the file for other artists to refer to

Backup---- Copies the specified folder location to a subfolder with today's date for backing up and Project tracking 


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