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RenderView Extension 1.9.9 for Maya (maya script)

Makes the basic Maya Render View more efficient

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  • 2015, 2014, 2013

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Last Modified:12/01/2014
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Feature Request

Take settings from Render Settings

Submitted by:meetar meetar
Render camera, render size, output path, etc.

Comments on this feature request:

  • arianrod

    arianrod said almost 14 years ago:

    Please elaborate a bit. What exactly are you asking for (and about?) ?
  • giorgos78

    giorgos78 said almost 14 years ago:

    Yes I think it's an amazing idea to see an image you created and know exactly what settings should you use to recreate. Like for examle saving final gather settings, anti alias settings, ray depth etc as metadata or even as seperate text file. Or maybe each time you save an image you could create an render settings preset (Render Settings-->Presets-->Save Preset as...) and associate it with the image somehow, without doing for each image manually. I hope it makes sense! Anyway, congrats for cotributing with a great script! Why cant Autodesk add stuff like that? Are they lazy or dont they see how usefull they are!

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