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RH AutoRig 3.2.3 for Maya (maya script)

An auto biped rigger with some extra tools

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  • 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:12/16/2016
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Rig, maya, Rigging, Auto rig

Version History

- fixed right side arm and leg stretch bug

- added joint labels for bound skeleton so mirror skin weights works correctly

- added a lot of new features under the animation tab

- changed skeleton hierarchy for leg chain. Will make use in MotionBuilder and game engines easier
- option for double knee and double elbow in setup bound skeleton window

- select skeleton works properly now. Just make sure that you bind to skel hierarchy

- fixed mirror body control
- changed dof on knee joints
- removed root bone from the bound skeleton (new root is hips)

- NEW no flip IK setup
- knee and elbow controlled by attributes, pole vectors still available with switch
- NEW custom bound skeleton menu: creates clean skeleton ready to be exported to any game engine
- NEW animation tab (soon to be much larger)
- proxy skinner temporarily removed (need to rewrite to work with custom bound skeleton)
- NEW IK/FK switch for spine
- NEW roll attributes for fingers
- toung control simplified
- NEW script auto detects user settings per scene on startup
- if facial rig is not checked it actually sets up a rig without any face joints

- fixed prepare facial network from throwing errors
- pole vector controls in proper position after clicking setup rig

- proxy skinner
- smooth all influences button
- mirror facial controls button

- changed reverse foot rig to joint driven for stability
- added toung rig
- eye rig simplified; you must now either parent or skin your eye geo to jnt_eye1
- set preferred angles on knee2 joints
- fixed bicep and elbow leaf joints

- fixed right side reverse foot controls

- fixed possibility of arm orientation issues when rigging a character in A pose
- select skin joints button replaced skin character button

- fixed a bug where the right leg knee lock would flip out

- bind skin button now requires information in text field instead of selection
- added a weight percent to influence tool under skinning tab

- facial controls are now properly mirrored
- fixed a bug with connecting custom blendshapes

- fixed some stretchy issues (some joints not scaling properly)
- added paint skin weights button
- reorganized custom GUI tab
- added ability to connect facial controllers to sliders

- fixed the hip twist (you will have to start from scratch to fix the issue - sorry!)

- added joint labels so skin weights will mirror properly
   - to apply this to a rig that is already setup: run the script then type "jointLabels" in the MEL box

- fixed bicep amount toggle
- added sticky lips back in with facial rig (whoops!)

- fixed bug in stretchy arm scale when switching IK/FK
- auto blend shape GUI button
- mirror skin weights button
- every tab has an unlock bottons function now

- fixed possibility of orientation issue on legs
- fixed stretchy popping when scaling the rig
- fixed stretchy FK switching
- FK mode now has ability to stretch (just make sure you use lock 'n hide before you try to do that)
- much better bicep simulation
- got rid of finger FK controls (I'll add them back in if peeps want them)
- added bendy controls for all limbs
- added new twist system that is ultra stable - no more flipping!
- eyelids now have controls on the face
- pole vectors now have indicator curves
- adding bend to the spine is no longer an issue
- simplified reverse foot controls
- added unified scale attribute and control visibility attribute to mover
- controls now scale to the size of your character so reshaping them is easier
- buttons grey out after you use them to prevent misclicks
- blink sliders blend with auto lid to prevent unwanted penetration
- default eye joystick sensitivity is now 4
- rig proxy is now created with joints instead of locators

- fixed a small bug in the reverse foot setup
- fixed a small bug in the facial rig setup

- joint based facial rig option
- leaf joint option
- simplified UI
- cleaned up joint hierarchy
- locator based rig setup

beta03.1 (v0.3.1)
- improved knee/elbow locking performance when dealing with double joints
- brought back the option to use single or double knees and elbows (compatible with stretchy)
- updated facial GUI slider (now it's a box)
- facial GUI mover no longer needs to be at the origin to add new sliders
- added facial GUI visibility option to the root control

beta03 (v0.3) 
- full body stretch/squash option
- realistic shoulder twist
- more stable forearm twist
- advanced finger controls
- compatible with earlier versions of Maya now
- FK legs and spine removed in favor of IK rig
- fixed a bug with the facial GUI slider connect
- switched all driven keys to node driven

- fixed Eye rig