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Ribbonizer - Create Ribbon On Any Surface 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Create a ribbon on any surface. Joint and controller count can be specified

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Last Modified:08/09/2021
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ribbonizer, stretchy

version 2.0

copyright (C) 2018 Orkhan Ashrafov

given a nurbs surface creates a ribbon


• EQUAL DIST - if checked, controls are distributed with equal distance from one another. if not, they are distributed proportionally according to the deformed surface (this was the case in the older version). no difference in results unless the surface is deformed after creation (i.e: cvs have been moved). in any case, the final bind joints are always distributed with equal distance. default is checked.

• CONSTRAIN - control joints are constrained to the controls. if not checked, joints are controlled by direct connections. default is checked.

• WIRE - deform the surface using wire deformer instead of skinCluster. skinCluster is used if there's only 1 control

• ADD FK - add fk controls over the ik ones to the rig. skipped if the surface is periodic


install instructions: place this file in the default "scripts" folder. go to maya and run these two lines from a python tab:

import ao_ribbonizer


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