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Riess imf_copy GUI 1.5.0 for Maya (maya script)

This script acts as a graphical user interface...

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  • 2008, 7.x, 6.x

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:06/25/2009
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  • Dave Girard

    Dave Girard said about 15 years ago:

    nice - I made a similar thing with Applescript for OS X if Mac people want something like this. property toolPath : "/Applications/Autodesk/maya2009/" on run {input, parameters} set originalItem to (first item of input as alias) set itemInfo to info for originalItem --'info for' is deprecated, but I personally hate System Events set nameExtension to name extension of itemInfo set destPath to (text 1 thru -((length of nameExtension) + 1) of (POSIX path of originalItem) & "map") do shell script toolPath & " " & quoted form of POSIX path of originalItem & " " & quoted form of destPath end run

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