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Rig-o-matic 5.5.0 for Maya (maya script)

auto-rigging MEL script for bipedal characters

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  • 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:06/04/2010
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Version History

Recent Updates/Fixes 

Version 5.5
- UI updated for display in Maya 2011
Version 5.4
- fixed stretch bug with IK only arm/leg setup
- fixed FK back bug with IK only setup
- fixed wrist issue with IK stretchy arm and distributed rotate
Version 5.3
- fixed FK back bug
Version 5.2
- fixed global scale for elbow/knee pinning
Version 5.1
- fixed character set bug with arms and IK back
Version 5.0
- fixed bug with non-stretchy arms
- fixed FK shoulder rotation bug with IK back setup
Version 4.9
- fixed back setup bug with FK/IK arms and non-stretchy back
Version 4.8
- improved pole vector controls
- new elbow/knee pinning functionality
Version 4.7
- improved clavicle behavior in FK mode (FK shoulder orientation now unaffected by clavicle position)
- improved stretchy functionality (separate FK and IK stretch controls now included. IK stretch includes new extension attribute)
Version 4.6
- fixed 6 joint (extra knee or elbow) arm/leg bug
Version 4.5
- fixed FK back creation bug
- fixed stretchy IK only arm bug
Version 4.4
- modified back stabilization setup
- modified forearm twist setup
Version 4.2
- stabilized upper back control (script now inserts a duplicate upper back joint)
- improved character set creation (script now creates a default character when no character prefix has been specified)
Version 4.1
- fixed FK back bug
Version 4.0
- added FK back option
- added option to create shelf button to select all character controls
- added option to create character set
- improved IK back controls
Version 3.1
- improve leg mirroring stability
Version 3.0
- fixed IK bug to ensure that an RP solver is created from hip to ankle
Version 2.9
- fixed neck popping problem
Version 2.8
- fixed bug with stretchy head/eyes
Version 2.7
- stretchy neck added
Version 2.6
- squash and stretch added for the head
Version 2.5
- fixed distributed stretchy arm scale bug
- streamlined constraint setup
Version 2.4
- modified superMover shape
- fixed neck scaling bug
- better IK hand stabilization
Version 2.3
- Improved error checking
Version 2.2
- Addition of advanced twist back controls
Version 2.1
- FK on/off checkbox in Leg Setup UI now works properly
- Distributed rotation bug fixed
- Cleaner display layer sorting
Version 2.0 - Addition of Osipa style eye controls
- Addition of generic appendage rigging tools, allowing for FK, Spline IK, and auto overlap