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Rig Studio 2.4.0 for Maya (maya script)

Modular rigging tool

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  • 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:05/16/2020
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Version History

---Version 1.0.0---
First release

---Version 1.0.1---
Updated connection to bend module
Module eyes fix
Module spineIkFk fix
Module bend fix

---Version 1.0.2---
Added pk_softIkNode plugin

---Version 1.0.3---
Fixed load function on some modules
Fixed limb modules disconnect function
Added switchParent script

---Version 1.0.4---
New Lips module

---Version 1.0.5---
Fixed autoAnkle attribute behavior in limbQuadrupped module
After deleting full rig, main window reopens instead closing.
Changed start command.
new command:
import rigStudio

---Version 1.0.6---
Fixed QuadruppedSpine module object spaces
Now QuadruppedSpine module can be added more then once
Added SimpleLimb module
Fixed controls sets behavior on renaming
Curve of the sliding pivots in Foot module now is connected in mirrored module
Fixed detail joints twists in Lips module

---Version 1.1.0---
Ik/fk switch script for all limb and foot modules
Updated all limb and foot modules for correct ik/fk switching
In LimbQuadrupped module added last fk control
Dialog window with 'character' name is not appear on creation new rig
Added LRA Toggle of a current module feature
Added progress bar window on template actions
Added tuners object in head module
Fixed limbQuadrupped module ik ankle behavior
Fixed additional controls building from template
Fixed twist behavior on bend module
Fixed limbSimple module connection with foot modules
Fixed quadruppedLimb module connection
Fixed disconnection hand from limbB module
Fixed sets saving behavior
Updated rig templates

---Version 2.0.0 Beta---
New UI
Core of the system is fully rewrited
Remaked all modules
New compound modules
Many little changes

---Version 2.0.1 Beta---
New help toolip feature
New templates
Little ui changes
New head module

---Version 2.0.2 Beta---
Updated Spine module
Updated Foot module
Updated Hand module
Updated templates
Updated twists
New DynamicChain module

---Version 2.0.3 Beta---

---Version 2.0.4 ---
Renamed Hand module to Fingers module
Renamed Hand2 module to Fingers2 module

---Version 2.0.5 ---
Bugfixes in modules Chain, DynamicChain and Limb

---Version 2.1 ---
Cleared skeleton hierarchy, now skeleton has only joints.
Skeleton has no joints in the same position.
New simple twists, they are working faster than standard twists.
New simple foot module
New lips2 module
New eyelids2 module
Spine module can adjust any joints count
Publish rig feature
Many bugfixes

---Version 2.1.1 ---
Maya 2020 support
Link to the homepage and tutorials in the help menu
Install shelf button drag and drop script
Bugfixes in the eye module

---Version 2.2 ---
New module Tree
New module LimbSimple
Set Editor
Human Ik Transfer Tool
Module Builder
Parent Switch Tool
Shelf installer
Additional controls childs optimizing
Updated rigs templates
Replace module feature
Fixed aiming of the twists
Removed negative scale from joints of the Fingers2 module
Removed fingers module (now it replaced by tree module)
Finger2 module is renamed to Fingers
Removed negative scale from joints of the additional controls

---Version 2.2.1 ---
Chain module - fixed adding additional control
Tree module - fixed adding additional control
Returned to previous additional controls connections because there are some problems with not default scale

---Version 2.2.2 ---
All joints with scale 1
Add Rotate Order attribute feature
Fixed children scale connections of the tree module
Fixed foot module working after rig publishing

---Version 2.3 ---
Remade out joints connections on some modules on a more optimized method.
Improved speed of the additional controls. Now can be created any controls count without performance lost.
Create duplicates of the root out joint in the chain module has wrong joint hierarchy. Fixed.
Joints of and controls sub children on the right side can have wrong rotations. Fixed.
Duplicate and controls as not a child sometimes has another scale than the source. Fixed.
If the root joint of the add control joint has not default scale, it works wrong. Fixed.
The dynamic chain is not loading in Maya 2020. Fixed.
The dynamic chain has wrong stretch behavior. Fixed.
Eyelids2 module cannot connect to the eyes module in the new version. Fixed.
Changed size of the posers and posers lines behavior.

---Version 2.3.1 ---
Lock interface after rig publishing.
Lock mirror Additional Control if it already has mirrored add control.
Error after deleting a rig with the spine module. Fixed.
On publish rig, some joints are reset positions. Fixed.
Symmetrical Dynamic joints cannot change parent to additional control. Fixed.
For Dynamic Chain changing of the poserParent in options not works correctly on the right side. Fixed.
For Dynamic Chain and Spine, if a mainPoser of the child module local scale has not default value, joints have offsets. Fixed.
For Chain Dynamics, a mirrored module is not connecting to dynamic weight attribute. Fixed.
For Tree module load template using not all chains. Fixed.
After control renaming, it has not updating in os page. Fixed.
A foot from Foot Module as a target has not a correct placement. Fixed.
On creating new Additional Control his not shown in the control list of the current module. Fixed.
If a mirror module with chains of additional controls, not all additional controls will be created with the opposite module. Fixed.
Mirrored Additional Controls have not right axis orient. Fixed.
If create a compound module, and another module exists with the same addControl, new addControl creating with a wrong name. Fixed.

---Version 2.3.2 ---
The unlocked interface on new rig creating.
Sometimes module cannot disconnect from ui. Fixed.
Eyes module - negative joints scale fix.
Root joints of the add controls have wrong connections. Fixed
Procedural eye pupil.

---Version 2.4 ---
Inbetween joints.
Opposite controls do not remove from the set. Fixed.
Sometimes set cannot be added. Fixed.
ChainIk module. Old DynamicChain module is removed.
Fixed Advanced Controls behavior on some modules.
Added global scale correction in the eyelids module.
In Eyelids module fixed right side behavior.