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Rig Studio 2.4.0 for Maya (maya script)

Modular rigging tool

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Answer for David review

Submitted by: Pavel Korolyov Pavel Korolyov
I cannot answer to review and write it here.
David thank for the ideas. 
1. In my studio animators likes rigs features, but different people have different flavors. In my tool I make investing in diversity of the modules for building rigs to many pipelines. Now its not very wide, but surely, they will be grow. 
2. Animation GUI right now is not exists, but later, after bug clearing and creating must have modules, I think gui is next task by priority. Ik/Fk switching scripts is exists.
3. Simple face setup can be created nuw. Advanced face modules is in working now. Lips is done, eyelids in progress. Also video tutorials will be soon about it.
4. Single root hierarchy of the joints is exists. It have some unnecessary transform groups now and negative scales on right side. Lately I think I can to removing it.
5. Its is exists, but I think I need to make it better.
Thanks )

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  • david monteiro

    david monteiro said over 3 years ago:

    Thanks for your answer Pavel.
    I am looking forward for the development of your tool so i can use it in production instead of Rapid rig modular - there i am missing mainly facial rigging but the rest is working very nicely
    One feaure request i would have also: is dynamic chain module for things with secondary animation, overlapp
    There is one guy he has this feature on his rigging script for 3ds max, so it must be technically possible for maya as well!?- have a look here:
    what would be the workflow for handling mocap with your rig?
    Thanks a lot for this woderfull work!
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    Pavel Korolyov

    Pavel Korolyov said over 3 years ago:

    Hi David, Thanks for your interest :)
    Early I serious try to develope similar tool with procedural offset animation. And I meet with maya limits. Unlike 3dmax, maya cannot get values from custom frame, only current. I think its was done for perfomance. And because it maya cannot make procedural animation wich will be adjust in current frame and affects on all frames. Only simulation. Similar feature can be done with cache node, but it also have limits. 
    But your video give me idea, what similar behavior can be done with simulation and baking. Its not so cool but also can be very usefull. I add it to roadmap, thanks. 
    About mocap. Any mocap skeleton can be connected to rig, but now only manually. Also I have plan to make humanIk support. Now some right side joints have opposite scale and Its need to fix for using with humanIk. I think some later  to correct it. 
    Now Im making face modules and tutorials, and I hope face setup also can be done easy. Not all at one unfortunately. :) 
  • david monteiro

    david monteiro said over 3 years ago:

    Thanks Pavel! 

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