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RigBox Reborn Curves Tool 3.0.8 for Maya (maya script)

RigBox Reborn Curves Tool in Python 3 for Maya 2022. Updated Jennifer Conley's Script to Python version 3. Rigbox Curve tool version 3.

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  • 2022

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Last Modified:03/16/2023
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maya, rigbox, Rigging

This RigBox Reborn Curves Tool is in Python 3 so it's compatible with Maya 2022. The Jennifer Conley Script was just translated into Python 3. I told Jen that I could send this updated script to her, so she could upload it to her account herself. But she didn't answer so I'm uploading it to my account because I know many Maya riggers are waiting for it! Enjoy.
Check the text file rr_ReadMe.txt.

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