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Select shortest edge-path by 2 vertices 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Select shortest edge-path by 2 vertices

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Last Modified:04/21/2006
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Select two vertices, run   selectShortestPath

Now shortest edges-path selected. Shift-select again two vertices, new edges-path will add to the selection.

Speed on 5000 poly - usually 2-3 seconds.     10 seconds maximum to select longest path in this object.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!   Script analyse not all vertices of object. It analyse only vertices that is in "cut-sphere". Cut-sphere's center is in the middle of two selected vertices. Radius of sphere is equal to distance between two selected vertices. This means that in some situations script can not find shortest edges-path. If it was, try to do the same in two-three steps of running "selectShortestPath".

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