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Seth's Tippit Rig 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Automated Tippit Light Rig with Custom Attr. GUI

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  • 8.x, 7.x, 6.x

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  • Windows


Last Modified:11/07/2006
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Many of the 'Tippit Rig' light setup scripts have been done. However, to my knowledge not quite like this. You get a few more options than others I've seen, but the best part is, if you re-run the script after you've actually generated a GUI you get the custom Attribute Editor.

This script is dead, as I have not touched it in a while, you may find something that is broken but I have no intentions of fixing this script as I have started working on something on a bit larger scale. However, for what it does, it should save you loads of time. It has for me, I've used it on several shots to get nice diffuse lighting with quick render times and it works like a charm.

If it works for you, you like it or hate it .. drop me an email!

Installation, make sure a folder named seths is created here, so you have this:
C:/Documents and Settings/My Documents/maya/7.0/scripts/seths/

Unarchive the rar file, and place the contained tippitRig folder from it, into that seths folder then source. So you ultimately end up with:

C:/Documents and Settings/My Documents/maya/7.0/scripts/seths/tippitRig/


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