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Shiv Render Tool 1.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

This tool can be used for rendering maya files (in TGAs) when batch render fails.

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  • 2009

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Last Modified:03/21/2010
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Hey all,


This is my first upload on Creativecrash. I had been working on this script quite sometime now. This tool is tested on Maya 2009 (on Windows Platform) and works fine. The purpose of this tool is to render your Maya Scene when batch render fails to render the scene due to some problems. I came across such problems when batch render actually failed to render few scenes because of the complexity of the scene. Also, sometimes, rendering maya scenes with dynamics becomes easy with this tool.


>>To use this tool, you can run the script in Script Editor of Maya and then, run 'rTool' in the command line and you are all set to go.

>>Once the tool is up, click on 'Browse' button to select the 'location to save' the rendered files.

>>Once the location is all set, you can click on '<<' button to select the Maya Rendering layers.

>>Give a name to render file according to your conevenience. The file named saved will have an underscore (_) with the name you have set. [e.g. if you have set the name of the rendered file as test, the output would be test_0.tga.)

>>You can also, skip a particular layer, if you don't want to render it.


I have included the JPGs of the tool. If you come across any issues using this tool, please feel free to mail me at


I'm aware of the glitches of this tool and I am currently working on removing them. Please write back to me with suggestions so that I can improve the script.

Thanks and Regards,

Shiv Kumar

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