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Simple Tools Asset Manager - Trial Version 0.9.10 for Maya (maya script)

Asset management for Maya made simple.

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Last Modified:09/03/2022
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maya, management, pyqt


Snapshot feature saving incorrect file format

Submitted byBryce Kaufman Bryce Kaufman
When using the Snapshot feature, it saves an image file with the extension *.jpeg, but the file is encoded as an IFF and cannot be loaded by Simple Tools.

Changing the extension to *.iff allows it to be opened in fCheck or other IFF capable programs, but it is not recognized by Simple Tools, and it displays the default icon.

Comments on this bug:

  • Bryce Kaufman

    Bryce Kaufman said about 10 years ago:

    Forgot to mention, using Maya 2012 x64, in case that matters.
  • clapperboy

    clapperboy said about 10 years ago:

    Hello, can you run this python command print mc.about(c = True) it will return the cut ID. I think it's related to some old maya 2012 version, but I could be wrong. you can send me back the printout. Thanks.
  • Bryce Kaufman

    Bryce Kaufman said about 10 years ago:

    # Error: NameError: name 'mc' is not defined # However, opening a file created with my version of Maya, I found this, which I think may be what you're looking for. fileInfo "cutIdentifier" "001200000000-796618"; Downloading Maya 2012 Service Pack 2 right now, I'll see if that helps. UPDATE: Snapshot works correctly under Maya 2012 SP2, thanks for your help.

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