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Simple Tools Asset Manager - Trial Version 0.9.10 for Maya (maya script)

Asset management for Maya made simple.

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Last Modified:09/03/2022
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maya, management, pyqt

Feature Request

"Master" option for easier pipeline referencing

Submitted by:Bryce Kaufman Bryce Kaufman
Basically, when you Publish a new version of a file, in addition to the file, it also OVERWRITES a master file for the asset. When referencing an item, you can either reference a specific version or the master file. Referencing directly from the icon defaults to the master file. This way, when changes are made to an asset, those changes are automatically applied to anything using it without having to manually update the reference. Otherwise, some kind of button to scan the scene and automatically update the references would work as well. This change would enable this manager to be a useful component in a larger studio where manual email alerts that an asset has been updated are impractical.

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