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sk_listActions 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Its specialy created for work with list of objects.

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Last Modified:07/11/2010
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// SCRIPT: sk_listActions.mel
// VERSION: 1.0
// AUTHOR: Ignacio Urruty
// DATE:  July 11th 2010
// DESCRIPTION: Its specialy created for work with list of objects.
//                    1. Parent the objects in list 1 to the objects of the list 2.
//                    2. Make clusters for the cvs that are in the list 1
//                       (you have to select the cvs and put it in the list before u make the clusters).
//                    3. Copy the transforms (translate, rotate, scale) for the objects of the list 1 to the objects of the list 2
//                    4. Connect attributes from list1 to list2.
//                    5. Constraint from list1 to list2.
//                    6. Transfer UVs.
//                    7. Rename Duplicates. This is not for the list, this just search in all the objects and
//                       if its find someone with the name of other it will renameit.
//                    Action for list Only:
//                    If u press right mouse button u have 3 more actions for that list:
//                    1. Select the objects in the list.
//                    2. Rename the objects in the list.
//                    3. Make Controls for the objects.
// INSTRUCTIONS: Source the srcript, and then enter "sk_listActions".
//                     Just select de objects u want and press "LIST 1" button, to add objects to the list 1 or press "LIST 2"
//                     button to add to list 2.
//                     You can put only 1 object in list 1 and add how many objects u want in the list2.
//                     Then select the action u want to make (Ex:,  constraint all to them or connect the rotate of that object to all
//                     the translates of the others)
//                     Also you can put the same amount of objects in both lists and then do an action, this action will be one per one.
//                     For ex if there are 10 objects in both list the first object in list1 will be associated with the first object in list2,
//                     the second object of list1 will be asociated with the second object of list2, and so on....

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