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Skin Tools 3.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

a tool set for all 3D game animator

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  • 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:10/16/2017
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  • Peteman

    Peteman said about 6 years ago:

    This is great so far.
    The only way I can imagine to improve it is if I can select the bones to see their weights.
    Unless it does that already.
  • redtank

    redtank said about 7 years ago:

    I tested both paint and spring magic function in MAYA 2016, and they all works well to me. So make sure you are using the latest Skin Tools which is 2.7.7 If you still got problem in 2016 with latest one, plz send me your test scene at Thanks
  • georgeflair

    georgeflair said about 7 years ago:

    Love your tool! Especially the weight painting. But unfortunately a major negative for me is that the mirroring of skin weights doesn't seem to work correctly. At first glance it does seem to move the skin weight to the mirrored side, but on closer inspection I noticed that the weight values are not the same on both sides. Furthermore the Paint Weighted Vertices don't show up when checked and the Spring Magic component doesn't seem to do anything... I've used the tool in Maya 2016 (Windows) I really appreciate the effort, but the tool really needs some more love :(
  • redtank

    redtank said over 7 years ago:

    Hi Toochukwu, Glad to hear my little work made someone's life easier :) About the collision, at this moment bone chain can collide with ground if you turn "Floor" on and set the height of floor. But it cannot collide with everything in your scene. Cheers!
  • Teeto

    Teeto said over 7 years ago:

    This script totally works great! I love it!! Is there a way to have the bones collide with meshes in the scene? Pls email me asap if possible : ogbogutc at Really appreciate. Thanks

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