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skinning tool 0.4.1 for Maya (maya script)

usefull ui for edditing skinweights

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  • 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

Operating Systems

  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:03/17/2017
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Version History


* added lattice and curve support to some functions in first tab (will expand support to other tabs and features over time)
* removed need for button to force marking menu on or off, simplified eventfilter and added .2f and .3f submenus
* overhaul on skinweights manager tab to extend its use for within pipelines (some function still slow; looking into this)
* added option to generate mesh from skeleton so it can be visualised in ZBrush for example.
* maya windows now automatically have presets that work best with the tool, and will open label UI when needed for tool
* legacy maya viewport now has opengl screen draw function in smooth skin editor to show which vertex is manipulated (looking into extending this to OpenGL Core)
* fixed bug in smoothbrush undo
* beta tab removed temporarily as plugin code is refactored but python still in progress
* added joint remapper to functions when influence lists do not match
* added few new commands
* help folder contains cheat sheet for all useable commands and arguments

* converted plugin pipeline to Cmake, plugins for OSX versions built ( Maya 2016 and 2017)* improved most commands with undo stack and removed bugs that caused Maya to freeze and in some places to take too much RAM
* some new commands added
* extra menu added in top to quickly move model files between scenes
* given possibility to unlock beta tab for experimentation of new tools, so please send your feedback! (currently only works in windows maya 2016+)
* create proxymesh has some extra functions, but noticed some issues with special cases so will get a big overhaul in next update

* compiled plugins for Maya 2017
* now supports pyside2
* added extra options to create proxy mesh

known issues:
* undo failing to work with the smooth brush and smooth button

* added extra option to convert selected components to a joint with selection as influence (also able to use soft distance)
* added checkbox to enable/disable the Marking Menu as it was sometimes very intrucive with the middle mouse move function

* added extra option to the copy pose and copy skin, right click the button to switch between smooth or 1 to 1 copy
* added extra option to the "+ neightbors", right click allows to switch between automatically growing the selection or not

* fixed missing function to transfer uvs from a clean mesh to a skinned mesh that is identical

* added extra option to the average button, right click the button to switch between distance or percentage averaging

* fixed function to reset joints in pose for maya 2016+
* added function that allows user to force influences on selected components (prevents minor spikes)

* re-arranged some ui elements 

* added function to combine skinned mesh that works also in versions prior to maya 2015 ( uses Maya command in 2015+ )
* added function that seperates a skinned mesh based on poly shells and keeps skinning information (flushes undo stack to keep ram low)
* added function to extract components as new geometry with skinning information
* added function that allows user to copy UV's from nonskinned mesh to skinned mesh
* added function that freezes the mesh and clears history but keeps skinning information

* fixed minor problem in undochain for neighbours and neighbours +
* fixed undochain problems of not closing propperly and thus using more ram
* fixed error in vertex weight matcher
* removed stack message display on smooth and smooth brush

* added function so store a single vertex weight influence and load that on components of a different object with the same joint influences
* fixed issue in set maximum influecnes; the weight values where not applied propperly which resulted in the command not working


* fixed bug in which remove influences was not called after pressing button 


*updated average: shortest edge path tries to find the edgeloop first before switching to edge length
*updated smooth skin editor: locking a value will now be kept locked at that value, no overshoot possible when sliders combined go over normal value