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Slap on Auto Rigging for Body and Face 4.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

A 15 minute setup to Rig any Bipedal character's face and body

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Character rotation

Submitted by: davidtouring davidtouring


I need to rotate my character around the vertical axis during animation.  When the character is in the air during rotation and is relying on IK for one or more limbs the rotation can be difficult to manage if done from the root / hips. 

Rotating from the all_anim control makes this really easy.  The limbs stay pointed and positioned correctly since the IK frame of reference is rotating with the character. 

But the Head 'World' and Eyes 'Look At' often need to track something that isn't spinning with the character and is static in the world frame.  So with this need it feels like the head_anim 'World' option isn't actually working as the name implies.  When all_anim rotates -- the character's head appears to stay locked to the chest position.

If this is working as intended would you be interested in adding a character rotation control, perhaps as the first child to all_anim?  I'd rotate the new control instead of all_anim and hopefully the 'world' frame of reference for the head/eyes would stay with all_anim.


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    davidtouring said over 8 years ago:

    Hi Wyland, Sorry for the delayed response - trying to get over the Maya learning curve so that I can better appreciate SOR and what you've just described here. This looks very promising - I've been testing it on Sam v2.11. Thanks much for the clear instructions. If the character jumps by translating body_anim on the Y then hip_piv_anim doesn't rise with the hips which changes the point the character will pivot on. I think the parentage you created is useful for hip_piv_anim but wonder if it can also stay with the hips. Regards, David
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    badmanjam said over 8 years ago:

    Hi David. This is a really good feature, but I haven't included it into the script, merely because the usage is too specific, and to get the controls you want is actually quite simple. You basically have worked it out already. let me walk you through it. Zero out your character. Firstly create two nurbsCircles and name them feet_piv_anim and hip_piv_anim Then position and scale them into place where you would like them. hint: Use the SNAP button on the Slap On shelf to aid you in positioning. Freeze the transformations of feet_piv_anim and hip_piv_anim. parent hip_piv_anim feet_piv_anim; parent feet_piv_anim all_anim; Parent all the other children of all_anim below hip_piv_anim. Like help, face_grp, torso_grp etc. Now you have the controls you need! In order to create a visibility switch for them on your all_anim, simply run this script: addAttr -ln "pivVis" -at long -min 0 -max 1 |all_anim; setAttr -e-keyable true |all_anim.pivVis; connectAttr -f all_anim.pivVis feet_piv_animShape.visibility; connectAttr -f all_anim.pivVis hip_piv_animShape.visibility; I hope that helps!
  • badmanjam

    badmanjam said over 8 years ago:

    You are absolutely right. -Thats what happens when I don't fully test my rig solutions! Try Parent the hip_piv_anim to the hip anim. Freeze hip_piv_anim. Parent all the hip_anim's children to hip_piv_anim. That should allow you to animate the hip_anim and have the hip_piv_anim following along.
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    davidtouring said over 8 years ago:

    I've made a few attempts at understanding / trying the ultimate configuration you seem to be suggesting but I just don't see anything viable as a result. First we should be clear that I'm using body_anim and not hip_anim to cause the character to leave the floor in a jump. hip_anim leaves the chest / head in place and is primarily a rotation tool. So to fully implement hip_piv_anim it would need to track the position of body_anim. However by default configuration body_anim is under torso_anim_grp and all the *_grp need to be under our new feet_piv_anim and hip_piv_anim controls - creating a circular reference. My take on this is that the structure needs to be: all_anim - feet_piv_anim --hip_piv_anim ---EVERYTHING and that hip_piv_anim needs some magic other than implausible parental relationships to stay snapped on body_anim. Perhaps hip_piv_anim's location can be set by an expression created from body_anim's position? Your proposed hip_piv_anim is beyond what I currently need. feet_piv_anim and perhaps a clone to resolve gimbal issues should take care of my project very nicely. But for completeness sake, a working hip_piv_anim would be nice to have. David

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