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Skeleton binding

Submitted by: davidtouring davidtouring

I'm probably going to expose more ignorance, but here goes.

The default skeleton / skin binding that I get from SOAR isn't appropriate for my segmented robot mesh. Each hand is made of 16 mesh objects (mostly finger segments) and the entire character has about 60.

Most of the meshes should be bound to exactly one joint, with max influences set at 1.  These should show no deformation on character motion and just stay rigid when tracking bone movement.  Ideally the hands (not fingers), upper chest / shoulders, neck, and feet will deform based on multiple joint input but this is less important.

After running SOAR I've detached the skeleton from the mesh to see if I can achieve what I need with manual smooth binding.

Maya can't manage the binding automatically starting with the root.  I'm guessing that the flat structure of SOARs skin_joint_set is the reason. If I carefully bind each mesh individually, starting with toes and fingers and working towards the pelvis - I can achieve a nearly ideal result when binding the meshes to the skin_joint_set. 

Of course I could first create all the parenting within skin_joint_set to see if this improves binding.  But this seems pointless at the moment because my manually bound result isn't playing nice with Unity Export.

The Unity Export prep script is ignoring the custom bindings and creates the duplicated character with the default binding.  If I use the export prep after adding feet_piv_anim to the rig the binding that results is in even worse shape.

This may be demonstrating that I need to roll my own rig but I hope I'm just overlooking an easy fix.



Replies to this question:

  • badmanjam

    badmanjam said over 8 years ago:

    Hi Sorry for late reply. There need s to be at least 2 skinned objects in the skinning_geo_grp in order for it to export properly to unity. -I know that is a fault in the script, but i'm working on it. As far as getting the robot's geometry across, I think the best thing to do would be to write you own script that connects your geometry to your joints after the unity export has run.

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