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Toe Joint trouble

Submitted by: davidtouring davidtouring

I'm having trouble configuring the pre-SOAR skeletion for accurate toe joint placement.  After SOAR the toe pivots about 1cm closer to the ankle than the placement suggests that it should.  This is easier to notice with a segmented, non-deformed mesh.  In my case each foot has one mesh representing the toe group and it moves as a single unit.  The foot is a different mesh.  The toe mesh exposes part of the 'hinge' so erros in placement of the functional pivot location are noticable.

It seems odd for the configuration skeletion to have the toe joint locked to allow translation on only one axis - I'd like to be able to raise the large end of the bone/joint to center it my mesh.

Having said this, I'm assuming that the foot inside / outside locators have nothing to do with toe flexion since their position doesn't seem to be driving the toe pivot location.  The 'ball' locator seems to be locked to the large end of the toe joint, again not the position of the actual toe pivot that I'm getting. 


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  • badmanjam

    badmanjam said over 9 years ago:

    Hmm Weird that you get any movement at all. You are pressing the Zero script on the shelf, I am assuming. Worst case scenario, Zero out the animation Controls, Detach the skin off your body. Then reskin your character. (please note all the joint that you need to skin your character are in the skin_joint_set) The inside/outside locs are used with the foot side to side movement. The ball is what moves the toe up and down.

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