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smSelectByShaderAndLayer 0.0.2 for Maya (maya script)

select by shader and layer, selects only the geo in the current layer and by the shader given

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  • 2012

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Last Modified:08/15/2011
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given a shader and layer name will select all the mesh objects that are in that layer with that shader.

 make for multiple layers and multiple shaders if given ( done)
 use the layer ui to determine which layer (done)
  use the hyperShade to determine whith shader (done)
 nurbs... sub-ds... alembics.... (not done)

updated monday August 15th, no longer has face assignment bug, you can now use with the ui
 smSelectByShaderAndLayer "" "" ;  will use selected shaders and layers rather than type them in .

also can handle multiple selections:
 smSelectByShaderAndLayer "blinn1,lambert6" "layer2,layer3";
or can type and use ui:
 smSelectByShaderAndLayer "blinn1,lambert6" "" ;  ( will select all objects with blinns1, and lambert 6 in selected layers)

 smSelectByShaderAndLayer "" "layer22" ;  ( will select all objects with selected shader(s) and layer22;


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