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Snap joint or locator to vertex 1.0.2 for Maya (maya script)

Snap joint(s) or locator(s) to each selected vertex

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  • 2018, 2017

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Last Modified:03/08/2020
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snap, position, xform

Script to quickly create and snap joint, locator or custom object, to each selected vertex.

* * *
Added option to choose custom object for snapping.
* * *
Added pointOnPoly constraint option - when checked, created joint (locator) will be constrained to selected vertex, and follow it (can be used for baking animation from cloth simulation to joints, or similar).
*  * *

Usage :
Copy script to Maya's default script folder, execute it by typing in command line : bD_snapToVertex
Select vertex (or several vertices), and click "Snap joint(s)" or "Snap locator(s)" button.
"Snap joint(s) " button :
It will create joint(s), and if "Offset groups" checkBox is on, it will create
SDK and GRP groups above it (them), and snap GRP group (offset group) to each selected vertex,
while keeping joint(s) zeroed out.
If checkBox is off, it will snap joint directly to each selected vertex.
OR :

"Snap locator(s) " button :
It will create locator, and snap it to each selected vertex.
If "Zero-out locator(s)" checkBox is on, locator(s) transforms will be zeroed out.
If it's off, transforms will keep their world coordinates.
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