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spawnParticles 0.6 for Maya (maya script)

This script allows several types of particles...

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  • 3.x, 2.x

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  • Irix
  • Windows


Last Modified:02/23/2001
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This script allows several types of particles objects to be spawned (or created) at the end of the the lifeSpan of a target particle Object. The new particle's initial direction and velocity are inherited from the "dying" particles. For each new particle object, an expression is written, which has parameters which you can tweak.

This script uses the "emit" mel command and basically makes the target particle object the "emitter" for the new particle objects. These new particle objects do not need emitters, but it is easiest that the initial particle object gets emitted from an emitter. It is possible to "daisy-chain" these particle objects, ie. target particle spawns particle object1, which spawn particle object2, which spawn particle object3, as so on.

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