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Speed Facial Rig : Enhance your character - Lite Version 2.0.5 for Maya (maya script)

Speed Facial Rig is rigging tool for none rigger who want have a realistic facial animation.

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Last Modified:11/21/2016
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Control placement reference

Submitted by: sgobey sgobey
Hello Lacuna,

Do you by any chance have a reference for the control placements on a standard human face? I'm up to the nose and there are a few ways to create the controller spline. What is the best layout for this?


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    lacuna said about 7 years ago:

    Hi ! I am really sorry for this late answer but I moved to an another country during this month. For the nose part, you can create just one curve with 3 5 controllers on it. That can help you to control this section easily, but the problem is you can't make a symetry position of your expression with this technic. The second method is to create a half curve for your nose. With this method you can use the symetry expression process. To be more friendly on using, I recommand to paint the skin influence for the middle part only on 1 side.

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