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Speed Facial Rig : Enhance your character - Lite Version 2.0.5 for Maya (maya script)

Speed Facial Rig is rigging tool for none rigger who want have a realistic facial animation.

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Last Modified:11/21/2016
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Curve Creation aborts script

Submitted by: ChristofStanits ChristofStanits
I have installed the script and it loads fine.
I have a head, rigged to a head joint in the scene and add the eyebrow curve following the video tutorial.
When I get to the "Create System" button i get the following error message
// Warning: line 1: History will be off for the command since Keep Originals is off and a selected item has no history. //
# Error: ValueError: file J:\Script\Facial\script\creativecrash\current_version\20\dev_version\lite\2016\proc\ line 239: No object matches name: C_eyeBrow_1_mp_uValue #

and the script stops after having created two locators.
Ive watched the videos and it seems as if the script would want to create joints added to my character rig. But how does it even know where to attach them to? Do I have to name my joints following a convention or do I have to point the script to my character somehow?

Your script does look very promising and we would like and try to get it into our pipeline, but I just cant get it to run.
any help is very much appreciated

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  • ChristofStanits

    ChristofStanits said almost 6 years ago:

    I have reset the maya preferences (deleted the prefs folder) and it seems to be running now.
    Im having a look at the script and will test it on my characters now.
    (maya 2016, service pack 5)
  • ChristofStanits

    ChristofStanits said almost 6 years ago:

    the problem reappeared and was narrowed down to the following conclusion:

    you HAVE to use centimeters as working  units set in the maya preferences.
    we had set it to meters and the script would crash.
  • lacuna

    lacuna said almost 6 years ago:

    Hello ChristofStanits,
    I am sorry for my silence, I was on crunch time. I will be more available now to help you if you have any problem or need more information on each part.

    Yes, you right it's maybe little bit confusing to understand errors or some warning on this version:
    matches name: C_eyeBrow_1_mp_uValue # 
    means, nothing named C_eyeBrow_1_mp_uValue has been found by the script. 
    You can get this error for 2 reasons even if this node exist. 
    1 - You have already created a system using the Central side maybe by mistake and you have delete all element of this system in your outliner, but it's not the cleanest way to do that, so that's why you get this issue.
    2 -  You make an undo just after the system creation
    I am not sure the problem come from the maya units, because nothing is based on it.

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