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spPaint3d 1.1.1 for Maya (maya script)

Object placement tool (raycast geometry instancer)

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Last Modified:05/29/2010
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2011 issues being investigated

Submitted by: Sebastien Paviot Sebastien Paviot
I've finally gotten my hands on the demo of 2011 to check out the reported issues.
It seems first that the hard crash of Maya is caused because the various internal variables of the script (stored in the preferences) weren't carried over to 2011 properly after the install procedure?
But that's just the beginning; many of the functions aren't doing what they are supposed to do, probably because of the change of python's version and its implementation with Maya.

I'll have to make a more major overhaul than I expected, especially regarding some weird UI warnings about flags I wasn't even using. I might have to rebuild it entirely in Qt and break the retro-compatibility altogether.

Furthermore, no clue if that will happen during the demo 30 days eval period lol.
anyway, we'll see. 

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  • Joojaa

    Joojaa said about 14 years ago:

    I think you misunderstood what they did with QT, they didn't expose QT for users mostly they just made their side of the gui QT. your side is still the same. So if you do in QT then youd need to provide all users installers for PYQT also.
  • Sebastien Paviot

    Sebastien Paviot said about 14 years ago:

    supposedly Maya can load Qt .ui files, which requires some experimentation to find out if I can get something working that way to resolve some long lasting interface limitations I had for some options. From watching this video I am assuming I should be able to setup something Qt side and have it load in Maya. In addition to the changes with how some UI states are passed through python with Qt in comparison to pre-2011. Like for instance bool states are now passed as real bool values and not as strings containing 'true' or 'false'. Anyway, there's a whole lot of things I have to go over again to make sure it's still working as intended.
  • Joojaa

    Joojaa said about 14 years ago:

    Have you tried maya 2011, I have. >> load Qt .ui .. >> I am assuming I should be able to setup something Qt side and have it load in Maya. Dont assume such things your going to get VERY disappointed. It kind of works however it will just make them mel. So the loaded .ui file is not more qtish it sill has the limitation of mel. You dint get any goodies you can easily share with other users. Its not like you couldnt have loaded qtui files with same restrictions in maya 8.5 already if youd wished to parse the data out yourself. And yes i tested this, wasn't impressed half of everything was messed up on first go and by the time i got the subset i wanted working it was just as if i would have done it by hand. They basically did not do what one expects them to have done, most of the stuff youd want to extend dont work (if you couldn't figure a way to do it earlier your not going to now either). But thats was to be expected. Yes you can now hook your own qt into it sure, but you'd need 3rd party libraries that are not easily distributed to others. So if you do that then 90% of users wouldnt benefit form download, unless you want to make a pyqt installer for 6 platforms too. Best you can hope for is c libraries wich you will need to fetch and compile yourself, that way at least it will package easier. So no you dindt get anything you didnt already have*. Maya gui got written in pyqt but the front end didnt change, until it does theres no point in saying its qt. Its just marketing hype. At least until pymel can be geared to cope with this. Maybe next version. >> Like for instance bool states are now passed as real bool values and not as strings >> containing 'true' or 'false'. thats not really a problem or benefit (?: operation is made for this). The way i see it with 2 weeks under my belt, the only really good thing to come out of this qt thing is support for transparency in the file formats. Other than that its made maya less responsive at times (qt locks up and you have to activate a non maya window to get it working again). So this isn't the real deal of maya 2011. rather other things. Its also great for IN house devs who dont mind to rebuild their code after maya 2012 ships tough. * thing is tough theres a lot of limitations people continuously cite that are actually doable in maya. Just not being done very often.
  • Sebastien Paviot

    Sebastien Paviot said about 14 years ago:

    damn, that's disappointing then :( I was hoping the qt standard widgets would have been usable without the need of extra libraries up to which version was implemented in maya.
  • Toast

    Toast said about 14 years ago:

    Thanks for the update Sebastien!
  • Naomi May

    Naomi May said over 3 years ago:

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