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spPaint3d 1.1.1 for Maya (maya script)

Object placement tool (raycast geometry instancer)

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"Align on Surface" with 1 Axis Facing Outwards

Submitted by: Ryan Manning Ryan Manning
Not matter what settings I use, I cannot get the Brush Geometry to align to the surface with one axis always pointing outwards.Example: Create a sphere and set as the Target Surface. Create a Triangle mesh with pivot point at the tip of the triangle and the tip of the triangle facing down. Setup SPPaint so when the Brush Geometry is painted the tip of the Triangle mesh always touches the sphere and points outwards from the sphere.
I thought this would be simple, but I simply cannot get it to work as I hope...and maybe this isn't how the tool works.

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  • said over 4 years ago:

    I had the same issue Ryan, Im trying to orientate around a cylinder and the brush geo doesnt follow the target normals, brush is rotating 360 around the surface, I really need the brush to align
    I tried transferring normals from another mesh to check if the paint script would recognize them but its not working
    Also checked my base and target meshes have uvws and clean history etc.

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