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Spring Magic 3.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

dynamic joint chain animation with collision

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Last Modified:02/19/2019
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Feature Request

Animate Other Things

Submitted by:eray_ozr eray_ozr
This plugin gives animation only to skeleton systems. It will be very useful if plugin able to animate any other objects.

Comments on this feature request:

  • redtank

    redtank said over 4 years ago:

    it solved in latest spring magic 3.1, visit for more details
  • redtank

    redtank said almost 7 years ago:

    I'll think about it
  • Nixellion

    Nixellion said over 6 years ago:

    Okay, I will +1 to this, even +10, because unlike Max in maya workflow in 90% of cases is different. People don't just animate bones here. For all tools (mirroring, pose saving, etc) to work correctly controls should be separate from bones, they should be Curves, not joints. They also I spent almost a day trying to come up with a rig, that could work with this spring magic tool and with all others tools (Red9 or AnimStudio pose lib), but it is just too much pain. Having joitns as controls without even the possibility to at least add curve shapes to those joints... Sorry, but this tool is not very much useful, like it is in max. So, I think, you should fix your script to work with: A. Any other type of object B. Standart maya FK hierarchy, which goes like this: Ctrl_1_zeroGrp #Ctrl_1 ##Ctrl_2_zeroGrp ###Ctrl_2 ####Ctrl_3_zeroGrp #####Ctrl_3 etc. I hope you will change your mind. I tried looking at your script as well, but it seems to be too complicated after all for me to fix it myself.
  • redtank

    redtank said over 6 years ago:

    Hi Nixelion, Actually I do think about this feature, and I use maya more than max as well. The main issue is the rigging in maya is way complex and flexible, people can use like constrains, display handle or even expressions to connect a curve or shape with joint. As a simple scripts I don't know if it can handle all of the cases. On the other hand, these spring effect usually just work for secondary animations something like pony tails, I'm not sure how many people will like to add great rigging for those small objs. You know I'm currently busing on other stuff, so if you do need this feature in your project, I'd like to discuss all the technical details as I can and you may able to create your own version :) Cheers Yanbin
  • Nixellion

    Nixellion said over 6 years ago:

    Oh, well, if you could somehow explain the logic behind the math, it would really help :) I'm not sure why you need to use one hierarchy... I mean, in the end a good and standart maya FK rig should just have a bunch of control objects, each linked to each other in a hierarchy, usually with zero groups above each CTRL. But in the end what you have is just a few control objects and their XYZ rotation which you need to operate on, no? And in the end it should work exactly the same as with joints, all you really need to do is allow the use of nurbsCurves in your script, I saw that you are only working with joint objects as I remember... And believe me, I know a lot of animators who would even pay you for something like this. Because it would be just awesome to be able to add secondary motion to ANY fk controls for free, it's really a huge deal for any production, it saves a lot of time if it works without bugs. And for freelance animators it's even better, because there is a direct connection between speed and money :D And spring magic workflow is much more bullet-proof compared to any 'real' physics solution, because of it's predictability and ability to loop the animation, even though it might not look as good as real physics. And because in the end al you have ar e jut keys baked on controls, thats really useful too.
  • Nixellion

    Nixellion said over 6 years ago:

    Hm, yeah.. So I think instead of automatically finding bone chain from first selection, you should rather just let user select all controls he needs. Maya returns them in the order of selection, so animator with just have to select controls in order from top to bottom, and the script is good to go. If it operates just on rotation values

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