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Substance Painter to Arnold 6 1.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Plug in textures exported from Substance Painter into Maya Arnold 6

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Last Modified:07/31/2020
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This is an updated script this awesome guy named Mostafa Samir made. It works with Arnold 5 preset in Substance Painter.  This is set up the same way as the older version. You must have the following naming format. object_shaderGroup_Diffuse(shader channel). If it's a FBX file in Substance then it will export texture with the shader name. So just change the name to the shader group. You can rename the texture set inside of Substance now. Just remember that the underscore seperates the parameters as well as keeping the "SG" as part of the shader group
1. Open the script (save it to your document/maya/201*/scripts folder ) and load it in maya
2. select directory
3. select channels
4. select all shaders
5. Bang!!!
Version 7 update
Now this script searches for shader name and shader group. This means when using a Fbx in substance painter the texture set is named after the shader it doesn't have to be renamed. (Of Course no underscores) So for the texture that's named "tree_baseColor.png" than the shader or shader group has to be named "tree".
Version 9 update
File extension has been updated. It now includes a wildcard extension ("ALL") that allows mulitple files type to be used. This means a BaseColor texture can be .png and a Height map can be .exr and Roughness can be .tiff or whatever. This option is on by default now but you can still have the option to select by file type.
Version 10 update
Maya 2020 compatible
Added aiNormalMap instead of bump2d node. AiNormalMap are made for Arnold and render better than bump2d.
Support for Substance Painter, version 6.2.0 which allowing painting over multpile uv tiles
Added tiling for multiple teture sets and tile preview

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