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Surface Placer 2.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Places hundreds of editable instances on a surface

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Last Modified:04/06/2009
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Surface Placer
2008 Max Boughen

NEW: Improved support for new versions of Maya

Use this to place hundreds of objects on any given surface. It is possible to control the growth via the use of a colour map and constrain objects to cameras. It is possible to place random dimensions to rotation and scale
To Use:
Execute MEL in script editor.
- Add an "Instance" to be spawned on the surface by selecting one object and pressing the 'Instance' button.
- Add a "Surface" to be spawned upon by pressing the 'Surface' button.
- Consider the settings found  below:
- 'Step 1' Will be enabled when the user has specified a Surface.
  This will generate particles on the surface of the selected surface.
- 'Step 2' Will be enabled when the user has specified a Surface and Instance.
  This will position the 'Instances' where those particles have been generated.
Instance Creation Settings
- Maximum
Specifies the number of objects you wish to be created.
- Offset y
Will place the objects with this offset in the 'y' axis.
- Use Surface Colour as Position Control
This will cause the particle placement to be governed by the surface shader brightness.
- Position on Dark
Changes the spawning from being placed on light areas to be being placed on dark.
- Point to Camera
Enabling this turns on the menu box below. Please then select the camera to point to in your scene. Objects will then point to this
camera only in the 'y' axis. 
- Rotate 90 Degrees
Rotates objects 90 degrees clockwise in the 'y' axis.
- Keep static
This will bake the direction of the objects depending on where the camera is but will keep it static.
Leaving this option off will mean objects will remain linked with a constraint to the said selected camera.
- Random Mirror 'z' and 'x'
These options will randomly mirror the spawned objects in either of these two axis.
- Random Rotate y
Randomly will rotate the objects on the 'y' axis. This would obviously make pointing the objects to the camera a waste of time.
- Custom Range
Used with 'Random Rotate y', the user can be specify the Min and Max random rotation on these objects. This will work in conjunction 
with pointing objects to the camera.
- Random Scale
Randomly will scale objects in all axis depending on the ratio's of the Min and Max box.
- Bias
This slider will adjust the bias of randomly scaled objects.

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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