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svm_camTrail 0.0.3 for Maya (maya script)

This tool creates a "2D" trail in the camera. This tool is not a 3D worldspace motion trail.

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Last Modified:04/17/2019
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Hello everyone!

I've been using this little tool I created for quite some time now, and thought I'd share it.
It's a basic trail tool that creates locators or other shapes parented to the camera. This way you get a better representation of your spacing compared to a motion trail that tracks your object in 3D worldspace.
The image above shows such an example; with a moving camera (left to right) the green trail with white keyframe markers is less broad in spacing compared to the blue trail with pink keyframe markers (which overlaps with a maya motion trail to illlustrate) that is made in the persp camera.
There is a help window inside the tool that goes over all the options. (see also the images)
The trail does not however auto update and is not editable. The reason for this is that these requirements would make the tool and your scene much heavier and slower. The purpose is more to get a quick view of your spacing in a certain timerange, and then delete the trail or rerun it, since it's a fast tool.
Paste the MEL files in your Maya scripts forlder: C:\Users\?User?\Documents\maya\?version?\scripts
and run this MEL line inside Maya: 
(you can make a shelf button for that)
Or put the files in any location and source them with a button, but don't forget the command: svm_camTrail_UI();
To remove the tool out of your maya, simply delete the files.
NOTE:  If you have used a version prior to 0.0.3, read the Version History tab on this page for the instructions on how to remove the window preferences.

Stijn Vande Maele, 
3D Character Animator 
If you like the tool and want to buy me a beer :)

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