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svm_keyMover 0.0.2 for Maya (maya script)

This tool simply moves keys from the selected objects. (depending on the selection; graph editor keys or channels or full objects)

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Last Modified:11/18/2019
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Hello everyone,

This tool simply moves keys from the selected objects.

I came across the following tool on github, which inspired me to make mine.
Seeing the UI sparked the idea to make my tool, but my tool functions different from braschko's Timex. Be sure to check out his awesome tool.
I was always annoyed by trying to drag move one or more keys selected in the graph editor or highlighted frames in the timeline when my scene was running slow and had long delays.
This caused the dragging to be inprecise and as a result jump to unwanted times. Therefore, I thought being able to quickly give in the amount of frames will solve that issue, because than it might still take time to calculate the move but at least it will be to the desired time.

There is a help window inside the tool going over the different options.
The keys will move with the amouunt of frames the user inputs in the textfield. The arrows will move the keys only 1 frame in either direction.
If you have keys selected in the graph editor on any time, only those will be moved.
If not , but you have channels selected, then only those channels on the current frame will be moved.
If none of the above, then all the keys on the current frame will be moved.


Paste the MEL files in your Maya scripts forlder: C:\Users\?User?\Documents\maya\?version?\scripts
and run this MEL line inside Maya:
(you can make a shelf button for that)
Or put the files in any location and source them with a button, but don't forget the command: svm_keyMover_UI();
To remove the tool out of your maya, simply delete the files.


Stijn Vande Maele,
3D Character Animator

If you like the tool and want to buy me a beer :)


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