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svm_tweenMachine 0.0.4 for Maya (maya script)

Quick, automatic way to get inbetween poses for animation.

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Last Modified:03/02/2021
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Scale the window

Submitted byStijn Stijn
Hello, nice tool and very useful, and I have found a little bug, when I am scaling window to be more precise only slider is scaling but the buttons remain in their initial position. will be very nice if they will move acordingly the slider.

Comments on this bug:

  • Stijn

    Stijn said over 3 years ago:

    Hey there, glad you like the tool and thank you for your suggestion. It's something that I was aware off but didn't immediatly know how to do, when I made this. I will definitely look into it because, I, myself would like this feature as well :) 
  • Stijn

    Stijn said over 3 years ago:

    A quick update:
    I've been researching for a way to make the button positions scale while still giving a correct representation of their position compared to the slider value. Unfortunatly I've been unable too perfectly match it in all window widths. Because of this, I rather have the button positions not scale since I believe a wrong visual representation of values for the slider is counterproductive.
    I also have a friend that helped looking into it with PySide2 QtWidgets, but still the visual alignement was still not perfect.
    We had different outcomes, I will post an image of 1 clear example.
    I'm not giving up on the problem yet, and suggestions are welcome! :)
  • Alex Florica

    Alex Florica said over 3 years ago:

    Hi Stijn, you can use FormLayout, it's super handy to do this kind of UI
    here is a code that you can easely intergrate in you tool
    string $test_window = `window`;
    string $form = `formLayout -numberOfDivisions 100`;
    string $btn_1 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_2 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_3 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_4 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_5 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_6 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_7 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_8 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_9 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_10 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_11 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_12 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_13 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_14 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_15 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_16 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    string $btn_17 = `button -w 2 -h 2 -l ""`;
    int $udo1 = 15;
    int $udo2 = 10;
    int $udo3 = 1;
    int $upl = 3;
    int $downl = 97;
        formLayout -edit -attachPosition $btn_1 "top" $udo2 $upl       -attachPosition $btn_1  "left"  3 0           
                         -attachPosition $btn_1 "bottom" $udo2 $downl  -attachPosition $btn_1 "right" 1 5
                         -attachPosition $btn_2 "top" $udo1 $upl       -attachPosition $btn_2 "left" 1 6
                         -attachPosition $btn_2 "bottom" $udo1 $downl  -attachPosition $btn_2 "right" 2 11
                         -attachPosition $btn_3 "top" $udo1 $upl       -attachPosition $btn_3 "left" 1 12
                         -attachPosition $btn_3 "bottom" $udo1 $downl  -attachPosition $btn_3 "right" 2 17
                         -attachPosition $btn_4 "top" $udo1 $upl       -attachPosition $btn_4 "left" 1 18
                         -attachPosition $btn_4 "bottom" $udo1 $downl  -attachPosition $btn_4 "right" 2 23
                         -attachPosition $btn_5 "top" $udo3 $upl       -attachPosition $btn_5 "left" 1 24
                         -attachPosition $btn_5 "bottom" $udo3 $downl  -attachPosition $btn_5 "right" 2 29
                         -attachPosition $btn_6 "top" $udo1 $upl       -attachPosition $btn_6 "left" 1 30
                         -attachPosition $btn_6 "bottom" $udo1 $downl  -attachPosition $btn_6 "right" 2 35
                         -attachPosition $btn_7 "top" $udo1 $upl       -attachPosition $btn_7 "left" 1 36
                         -attachPosition $btn_7 "bottom" $udo1 $downl  -attachPosition $btn_7 "right" 2 41
                         -attachPosition $btn_8 "top"  $udo1 $upl      -attachPosition $btn_8 "left" 1 42
                         -attachPosition $btn_8 "bottom" $udo1 $downl  -attachPosition $btn_8 "right" 2 47
                         -attachPosition $btn_9 "top" $udo3 $upl       -attachPosition $btn_9 "left" 1 48
                         -attachPosition $btn_9 "bottom" $udo3 $downl  -attachPosition $btn_9 "right" 2 53

                         -attachPosition $btn_10 "top"  $udo1 $upl     -attachPosition $btn_10 "left" 1 54
                         -attachPosition $btn_10 "bottom" $udo1 $downl -attachPosition $btn_10 "right" 2 59
                         -attachPosition $btn_11 "top"  $udo1 $upl     -attachPosition $btn_11 "left" 1 60
                         -attachPosition $btn_11 "bottom" $udo1 $downl -attachPosition $btn_11 "right" 2 65
                         -attachPosition $btn_12 "top"  $udo1 $upl     -attachPosition $btn_12 "left" 1 66
                         -attachPosition $btn_12 "bottom" $udo1 $downl -attachPosition $btn_12 "right" 2 71
                         -attachPosition $btn_13 "top"  $udo3 $upl     -attachPosition $btn_13 "left" 1 72
                         -attachPosition $btn_13 "bottom" $udo3 $downl -attachPosition $btn_13 "right" 2 77

                         -attachPosition $btn_14 "top"  $udo1 $upl     -attachPosition $btn_14 "left" 1 78
                         -attachPosition $btn_14 "bottom" $udo1 $downl -attachPosition $btn_14 "right" 2 83
                         -attachPosition $btn_15 "top"  $udo1 $upl     -attachPosition $btn_15 "left" 1 84
                         -attachPosition $btn_15 "bottom" $udo1 $downl -attachPosition $btn_15 "right" 2 89                      

                         -attachPosition $btn_16 "top"  $udo1 $upl     -attachPosition $btn_16 "left" 1 90
                         -attachPosition $btn_16 "bottom" $udo1 $downl -attachPosition $btn_16 "right" 2 95                      

                         -attachPosition $btn_17 "top"  $udo2 $upl     -attachPosition $btn_17 "left" 1 96
                         -attachPosition $btn_17 "bottom" $udo2 $downl -attachPosition $btn_17 "right" 2 100                                           
        showWindow $test_window;
  • Stijn

    Stijn said over 3 years ago:

    Hey Alex,

    Thank you very much for your suggestion! 
    The last update I posted, was actually done with a formLayout where I also attached the buttons to a position, but as you can see it did not align well. But now, having ran your sample code, the behaviour of scaling seems much better! I'm intrigued :)
    I'm busy with my animtion work now, but I'll do some testing, implementing your code later this week.
    Thank you again for helping! I'll keep you up-to-date. 
  • Stijn

    Stijn said over 3 years ago:

    Hi Alex, 
    Your sample code got me closer to the wanted result, but I still can't seem to figure out how to correclty allign the buttons position with the drawing of the slider. 
    As you can see in the image there's still an offset present, and that offset all depending on the widow width, which is not a fixed value. 
    (I'm having trouble again uploading an image, I'll try in a new comment. Also the @user doesn't seem to work on any browser I tried, so I don't know if you get notified of these posts.)
  • Stijn

    Stijn said over 3 years ago:

    Well, the image uploading and code insert is not working so I'll upload a test_forAlexFlorica.rar on the main page of this tool. You will be able to find a screenshot of the issue and the code implemented in there. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    And a big thanks for your help already!
  • Alex Florica

    Alex Florica said over 3 years ago:

    Hello Stijn, I tried to fix the buttons positions, maked a little bit better, but because there is an odd number of buttons is very dificult to make them super precise. Do not know how to give you the modified file, and make a dropbox share file, here is the link,
    Best regards
  • Stijn

    Stijn said over 3 years ago:

    Hey Alex,
    I downloaded your dropbox file.
    It's indeed looking close. Well done! I'll be giving it a more indepth look when I have some more time to script again.
    You leave me a bit scratching my head at times, which is good.  :D 
    It's funny how the UI is often the most challenging part.  :) 
    Thanks again for the help Alex!
  • Stijn

    Stijn said over 3 years ago:

    Hi Alex,
    I finally found the 'sweetspot' values for the formLayout and thus was able to make the button UI scale visually correct with the slider! 
    Thank you very much for all the help you've given me here regarding the issue. I very much appreciate it.
    Best regards,

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