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SynthPipe 4.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

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  • 2011, 2010, 9.x, 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, 3.x, 2.x, 1.x

Operating Systems

  • Irix
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:11/09/2010
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Version History

Version v4.0.1, 09.11.2010
- A little update of the user manual

Version 4.0, 07.11.2010
- First public release
- User manual pdf + menu option
- some fixes for system commands and global SynthPipePath
- backup fix for exports
- 2d exports now with backup

Version 3.9, 14.06.2010
- global SynthPipePath
- prepared for mac/linux compatibility
- 2d points export: selection check fix

Version 3.8, 26.05.2010
- Replaced 2d Tracker Attribute Horizontal with TrackerU
- Replaced 2d Tracker Attribute Vertical with TrackerV
- 2d Tracker Import: OffsetU and OffsetV added.
- Tool: Height Measure: fixed for Locators
- Tool: Height Measure: Height Locator now hidden
- Tool: Distance Measure: Distance Locator now hidden

Version 3.7, 23.05.2010
- Adjust Maya Settings: Lin.Keys replaced by selection of spline, linear, clamped, flat and plateau.
- Tool Cone: replaced by Cone or Pyramid tool.

Version 3.6, 22.05.2010
- Tool: Height Measure Tool added

Version 3.5, 18.05.2010
- Shift Keys for selected objects added;
- Flip  Keys for selected objects added;

Version 3.4, 16.05.2010
- Camera/Object Path Export: Now Über-FAAAAAAAAAAAST, too fast to display the progress bar. A Click and it´s done! It is so fast now, there is a possibility that your computer explodes or a parallel universe collapses.
- Name Filter: improved for nice and short names
- 2d Tracker Export: Name Filter added

Version 3.3, 16.05.2010
- 2d Tracker Export: works fine with camera + locators (or transform nodes) selection. No components yet!
- 2d Tracker Export: radical ultra speed export invented for hundreds of 2d tracker!

Version 3.2, 15.05.2010
- Complete integration of LocOnLoc Position Technology! -> Position of all objects with a transform node, vertex, edge, face center and smooth poly preview vertex.
- Cone Tool: Now based on LocOnLoc Position Technology.
- Distance Tool: Now based on LocOnLoc Position Technology.
- 3d Points Export: Now based on LocOnLoc Position Technology.
- 3d Points Export: Uses Name Filter Procedure

Version 3.1, 15.05.2010
- Distance tool: Deluxe Edition with parent constraint locator creation if neccessary.
- Distance tool: Group, layer and naming added
- Camera Import: Camera Shape Check
- Camera Export: Camera Shape Check
- 2d Points Import: Camera Shape Check

Version 3.0, 13.05.2010
- Tool Cones: red lambert shader assigned.
- 3d Points Import: White Layer creation.
- 3d Points Export: Basic LocOnLoc Tech -> vertex/edge position export directly from mesh component selection
- 2d tracker import: Autokey check
- Camera import: Autokey check
- Camera export: Backupfile creation
- 3d Points export: Backupfile creation
- Mesh export: Backupfile creation

Version 2.9, 11.05.2010
- Tool: Cones added

Version 2.8, 10.05.2010 (Crazy Monday Edition)
- 2d tracker import: expression replace 100 to (-10 * trackerZ): translate z controls now the depth of the tracker
- 2d tracker import: scale locator and Depth attribute now obsolete and removed
- 2d tracker import: SynthPipe_2dPoints group no longer parent to camera, instead point, orient and scale constraint to camera
- measure tool added
- selection check for trail tool

Version 2.7, 10.05.2010
- currentTime TimeRangeStart after camera or 2d points import;
- Trackers now yellow

Version 2.6, 09.05.2010
- 2d Points Import: progress bar message now correct

Version 2.5, 07.05.2010 (Train to Cologne Edition)
- 2d Points Import: Only tracker in layer for fast selection
- 2d Points Import: insanely fast now!!!
- 2d Points Import: interuptable progress bar added
- 2d Points Import: group renaming bug fixed
- 2d Points Import: Selection Check added
- Camera import: fast as light now!!!
- Camera import: interuptable progress bar added
- Camera import: Selection Check added
- Camera export: Selection Check added
- 3d Points export: Selection Check added
- Mesh export: Selection Check added

Version 2.4, 07.05.2010
- After delete point/orient constraint, parent 2d points group to camera
- MotionTrails now fast as hell!!!
- Tracker red again (green and white are bad to see selection)

Version v2.3, 07.05.2010
- Motion Trail Button added
- 2d Tracker Color now white :P

Version v2.2, 07.05.2010
- changed 2d Points Layer color to poison green
- clear selection after 2d Points import

Version v2.0 - v2.1, 06.05.2010
- 2d Tracker import added

Version v1.9, 03.05.2010
- UI fix for old Maya 2010

Version v1.8, 02.05.2010
- SynthPipe Logo and new icon added

Version v1.7, 02.05.2010
- Menubar -> Help -> About SynthPipe

Version v1.6, 02.05.2010
- Display SynthEyes Settings FB width, Lens
- Import Camera: Space added bevore focal length in Script Editor Display
- Import Camera: keyframe focal length only if value > 2.5
- some script cosmetics

Version v1.5, 01.05.2010
- Import 3d Points to a group
- Import 3d Points bug fixed for same Locator names
- Display Maya & SynthEyes Settings FPS, Units, Start, End, Frames, Key In, Key Out
- Adjust Maya Settings to Syntheyes incl. Offset
- Camera Import -> Kill Old Keyframes Bug fixed

Version v1.0, 25.04.2010
- SynthPipe project started