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Tank Tread Maker 0.9.1 for Maya (maya script)

A script that creates a tank tread from a curve and geometry of one tread link.

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Last Modified:03/22/2013
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v0.9.1-fixed a few weird errors, should actually work this time

v0.9.1- beta release

By Varun Bajaj
Installation instructions
1.  Extract the contents of the archive to your scripts folder.
2.  In Maya, open the file TreadMakerWindow.mel in the Script Editor
3. Save it to a shelf.  

Clicking that shelf button will bring up a window with further instructions.

WHAT THIS DOES:Takes a curve, and a piece of geometry, and duplicates the geometry and moves it to the shape of a tank tread.  The geometry is created by the user, and is one of the links on the tread.  This saves the touble of modelling an positioning up to hundreds of links, as the user need only model one.  The curve will be used as the shape in which the tread links will flow along, and can be nearly any shape.  If flow of links seems jagged, increasing resolution of the curve may help (rebuilding curve with more cv's).

 The tread can currently only be animated by moving the CURVE along the z-axis.  This will be fixed in a later version, when a solution is derived.  The group created when the script is executed is there to simply act as a parent.   The script also creates an expression that controls the rotation of the treads.  By changing how the "moved" attribute is defined in the expression, one can change how the tread spins, meaning the script can be used for rigging a two or more treaded tank if the user edits the "moved" expression.  More information can be given if requested.

The ArcLength.mel script can also be used outside of this script, it adds an attribute to any curve that gives the arc length of a curve.  Simply selecting a curve and calling the script will call the process.  

You can find me and more of my resources on creative crash, and contact me on the cgsociety forums (username: VB2341)You can also find me on YouTube and view some other tutorials (username: Vroon2341). 

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
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