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TETRIS in Maya! 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

its funny!

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Last Modified:07/23/2007
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After long hard day just run Maya and TETRIS inside it!!

My record now only 70 lines..




1.Put script in your scripts folder (My documents/maya/scripts)


2.Setup hotkeys:

Create 4 hotkeys for Press. name it lke: tetris_up ..down ..left ..right
and use code for them -

tetrisKey rotate;
tetrisKey down;
tetrisKey left;
tetrisKey right;

Assign keys such as Up Down Left Right to them.

Create 1 hotkey for Release.
use code for it -
tetrisKey release;

Assign same buttons that you use on Press, but now assign it on Release;
Up Release, Down Release, Left Release, Right Release - all at one hotkey with code "tetrisKey release;"


3. Create shelf button with code -



4. Press shelf button and enjoy!!!


5. Save your scene to prevent adding to it tetris nodes and than do File > New scene.


6. Press shelf button again to pause game.


To start new game just do File > New Scene.

You can't press two or three hotkeys at one time. Press it one by one (You can do this very quickly).

In Command Line you can see count of lines you've made and your record.


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