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Texture Friend 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

A tool for automate import/export steps of maya and photoshop

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  • 2010, 2009, 2008

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  • Windows


Last Modified:11/18/2009
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This is my Python tool to ease the workflow between maya and photoshop.

It grabs the UV-map from maya and import it into photoshop and create a template for you depending on what map textures you desire.

when you're ready with all texture work the tool will automate the importing steps to maya and connect everything to a shader.

It also has a button to refresh all texture maps simultaneously 
1. Install python 2.6, it's included in the rar file.

2. Install the the python libs included in the rar-file (pywin32 and wxpython).

3. open usersetup.mel in \maya\[mayaversion]\scripts , if you dont have a usersetup.mel-file, create them.

4. Add these Three following lines to your usersetup.mel file:

commandPort -n ":7092" -echoOutput;
commandPort -n "localhost:7092" -echoOutput;
commandEcho -state off;

5. To use the tool, just double-click "".(maya has to be running!)

NOTE!: if "Echo all commands" are on, the tool wont work.

Please send any feedback and bugs to

Character in video made by 
Fredrik Stertman ( )

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