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tf_SelectionMasks 1.0.0 for Maya

marking menu that toggles selection mask types.

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  • 2009

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Last Modified:10/05/2009
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This is a marking menu for quick selection masks without needing the menu on the top of the screen.

I prefer to work with little or no UI Panels visible, so this marking menu allows access to the Status Line's selection masks, without needing the panel visible.

There is a great marking menu on this site by rferl called SelectionMasks 2.0, but it stopped working in Maya 2009, so I made a really lite version with most of the same basic functionality for those out there that used the other script.

Simply put it in your marking menu folder
When you reload Maya, go to Windows/SettingsPrefs/MarkingMenu Editor
A pop up should say it has found a new marking menu. Say yes, you want to use it.
Assign it to hotbox of your choice, and enjoy!

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