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The Rigging Toolbox 2 2.0.5 for Maya (maya script)

The Rigging Toolbox is a set of tools and full auto-rigger designed to aid in the process of rigging articulated characters for animation.

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Last Modified:07/14/2017
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v1.05 released

Submitted by: jbuck jbuck
v1.05 is released and contains a few bug fixes as well as some new features.

New Features in v1.05:

Skeleton Library:
 The Rigging Toolbox now has the ability to save and load skeletons in a proprietary format independent of Maya scenes and versions. Skeleton data is saved in a skeleton config file in the current Maya project.  Save and load skeletons to and from the library. Each project can have it's own skeleton configuration file which will be loaded when the script is run.

Skeleton Scale: Scaling skeletons in Maya has a tendency to create an additional transform node that can be tricky to get rid of. Now you can scale skeletons and partial joint chains in The Rigging Toolbox accurately and without additional transform nodes. 

Bug Fixes:
I received an email from a user who found an issue with the way fingers were behaving during an IK/FK blend. He was right, it's fixed for 1.05.

Another user had an issue with a rig that became misaligned with the skeleton after a session. Translation is now automatically locked for FK controls in v1.05. 

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